UAV Mapping

With our agriculture tailored UAV we are able to monitor your crop from the sky, covering hundreds of acres in a single flight.

UAV’s are able to capture highly accurate images at a far greater resolution than satellite imagery provides, even when there is cloud cover.

What applications do UAV’s have on your farm? Often when observing fields with inconsistent plant growth, struggling or damaged crop, or poor plant establishment we have a difficult time quantifying the extent and severity of the issue. By capturing the whole field in one image we can measure patterns in canopy height, vigor, color, and density and conduct site specific observations and testing. Some examples of site specific observations & testing include:

  • Identify pests, disease, weeds
  • Collect tissue tests for fertility & disease issues
  • Collect soil samples for soil, fertility, pH & pest issues
  • Dig plants, inspect root structure for signs of compaction, depth, disease, pests
  • Note machine issues
  • Count plants & determine population / spacing issues

With the information gathered from observing & testing we can asses the issue, identify the cause and gauge the severity to come up with a plan. Plans may include:

  • Create planting, chemical treatment of fertilizer prescription
  • Modify chemical treatment strategy & timing
  • Make necessary repairs or replace problematic machinery
  • Change farming practices
  • Land management – install drainage system
  • Harvest crop